MEGHAN RYAN Director / Producer / Editor

Meghan is a designer, project manager, and aspiring filmmaker. Currently working as the Publications Manager at 826 Valencia, she is often engrossed in fantastic stories of pizza planets, magical winged creatures, and the power of bok choy, as dreamed up by San Francisco’s young writers.


D’ARCY DROLLINGER Sexitude Founder

D’Arcy is the creator of Sexitude™, the body-positive, age-positive, sex-positive dance experience based in San Francisco. D’Arcy is also co-owner and Artistic Director of OASIS, San Francisco’s newest nightclub / cabaret, producer of several drag shows, and currently working on a film production.

LINDEN CADY Sexitude Dancer / Instructor

Linden is a mainstay in the Sexitude community, performing regularly with the Sexitude dancers, and teaching a class at Dance Mission. Additionally, Linden can be found in many drag performance at Oasis and around San Francisco.



After one class, Beth was hooked and now performs often with the Sexitude dancers at Oasis, Pride celebrations, and various events around the Bay Area.


JIMMY MOORE Sexitude Dancer

Jimmy has become a frequent Sexitude performer, and has really upped his outfit game since his first class with D’Arcy. You can find Jimmy performing at Oasis or producing and performing in Drunk Broadway.